Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sephora Haul + Freebies!

Here is my current Sephora haul that Id like to share with you all!
Sephora have been having these FREEBIES email for all VIB members lately.
I always get sucked in, and end up buying something.
Who doesn't  like freebies?!

Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Palette
Eventhough, this palette is very dupable. I had to get it because its simply gorgeous!
The packaging is reusable and the colors in the palette are beautiful.
If you want to see swatches you should check out temptalia's blog.

Harajuku Lovers Makeup Bag
I have plenty of makeup bags but they get dirty real easy. 
So picked up these cute clear makeup bags for $7 each. 
One for my makeup and one for my brushes. :)

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume
This is one of the FREEBIE for VIB members.
Its a full size of the travel size perfume.
I thought it would be a rollerball but its an actual spray.

Makeup Forever Must Haves
This is another FREEBIE for VIB members that I received on my second order.
It came with a cute makeup bag, mini mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss and setting powder.
I haven't tried any of these product before. Im excited!

Benefit 500 point perks
I finally picked up my 500 point perks. 
I wanted the Too Faced palette they had before but I guess it was limited.
This set came with a full size Dandelion Box Powder, mini mascara and primer.

I was more excited for my freebies more than the actual products I bought.
Check out your email frequently so you wont miss out on your VIB member freebies!

Hope you guys have a great week!


charlene-ann said...

freebies are always the best!! great stuff you picked up :) those makeup bags are super cute :D

JC ♔ said...

Awesome haul! I get sucked in via their GWP's too, but it's mostly because I like including the exclusive Sephora VIB/BI packages in my giveaways. :)

Ebru said...

Love everything you picked up! Light Blue is one of my all time favorite scents :) The UD palette is absolutely gorgeous but I ended up skipping, I just can't buy any more palettes I have so many as it is lol I can't believe all these VIB freebies, Sephora must be feeling super generous, so tempting! :) *goes to place an order now!*

Mimi said...

i agree! for some reason, i get more excited about the freebies than the products i actually buy. ;)

<3, Mimi

Vanity is an Addiction said...

The UD palette is sooooo pretty! I'm debating whether I should get it...hmm...thanks for sharing ur haul! Love reading them..


Andrea. said...

I wanted to buy something so I can use the light blue perfume code but never got around to it now that I see your haul totally regret it. The UD palette looks gorgeous I saw it in store but they had none =/ cant wait to get my hands on it. Great haul!

Mara said...

I want your D&G Light Blue perfume. I checked it this was still a available offer and its not. I've been wanting it for so long but I don't want the full size. :( Oh well I'll wait for next time.

tiffyama said...

Great haul!! Ah, you got the UD 15th anni palette! *jealous* heh heh the HJ make up bags are super kawaii~

Sara.H said...

that's a GREAT haul! <3 :) WOW!

ChinaDoll said...

OMG! You got the UD's 15th anniversary palette already! envy much! hahaha

Great haul dear...Hugs!♥

Donna ♥ Baby said...

OMG woman its about TIIMMEE for a new post lol <3 the harajuku lovers makeup bag is too cute. your so lucky getting the makeup forever must have freebies!

PopBlush said...

I want the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette too~ It's so nice~

Summer said...

Wow, I love everything you got! <3 SO jealous about the Light Blue perfume, it really smells amazing :)

SILVIA said...

great post!!!!
love your style honey!=P

Jenn said...

yayy great haul I always get sucked into the little freebies they offer to lol :) now following

jane said...

drooling over everything you got!

evie said...

Ou, I am so jealous, I also want UD palette and freebies:) My mum love Dolce Gabanna Light blue:)

Sharon said...

oooo that Urban Decay palette looks gorgeous!

Krizia said...

The Harajuku bag is adorable!

x Krizia

Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

Crazy4makeup said...

Fantastic products ^_*

Miss Cortni said...

I love harajuku! all their products are SO cute and i adore the make up bags that you have :) jealousss. i love your blog. I'm following it now :)

- <3

Sharon said...

ooo the Benefit 500 point perks looks awesome! definitely a product i would buy

MsRinz said...

everything is perfect!!!!!!!!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

WOW, nice freebies!!
Dang, I should start checking my Sephora emails more often since I'm also a VIB.
I had to stop checking them for awhile because I kept buying like CRAZY. haha. Every time I'd get an email telling me about a good deal or what not I'd go for it. But would always end up spending too much money >_<

Nice haul & I'm loving those freebies you got.


FOXY ET AL..... said...

Great haul hun.. in love with that UD palette

waiting for your review


Hollie said...

Fabulous haul! nice to see you have the UD palette in there and oh the D&G light blue is LOVE!

Funny Little Frog said...

I can never resist a good offer too. I love that perfume and those small bottles are perfect for in your handbag xxx

Arrow said...

ooo you got the harajuku makeup bag!!! me want :)!

vivaglam1008 said...

Love it !

Your pretty!

i followed!


Yolandaas said...

This looks great!