Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Haul - Victoria's Scret, Sephora, Mac & Disney

Went shopping today with my girlfriends. Just wanted to share with you all what I got.
Some girls on twitter requested I'd do a post, here ya go! :)

Victoria's Secret 
They're having their semi annual sale and a lot of the beauty products are 75% off.
Starting today June 14!

( Left to right: Pink Aloha Body Mist, Foundation Medium 50, Foundation Medium 30, Concealer Medium 20, Lipstick in Heartbeat, 2 e/s palette in Secluded Lagoon)

Less than $4 each. Amazing deal! :D


Laura Mercier Oil-Free Flawless Face Kit $65
More info here.

Been wanting to try this oil-free tinted moisturizer and my friend showed me this set
at Sephora and it's a great value for the price!

What's inside.


Studio Careblend Pressed Powder Medium Plus $23
Two of my blogger friends recommended this powder, so I want to try it out.


Ariel Beach Towel
Got this on sale for $7 Store was closing.
Im ready for the beach! :) I love Ariel!

That's all! I'll let you guys know if I like any of these products and maybe review them.

Have a great week! :)


Xuan said...

wow girl! I love that laura mercier kit!!!!1 for $65 not bad huh!!

Elle said...

Great haul! I can't believe the VS items are less than $4 each [O.O]

♥ Liz W ♥ said...

Ariel is sooo cute ♥♥♥

I want the laura mercier kit!
$65 for all those products is really a good deal =D!

PrincessLisax3 said...

I love Ariel too =). When I was first prego with Coby, we wanted to name our daughter Ariel if it was girl.

I need backups of Heartbeat. I hope they have some left over here.

LipGlossGossip said...

I saw your tweet, great haul girly! :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

I want that towel! Hehe. *^_^* Love Laura Mercier stuff. Nice haul!

Mrs.Makeup said...

Wow love your haul! Would love to see a review on the Laura Mercier products I have considered buying that for a month now hehe

Ebru said...

Great haul, you picked some gorgeous stuff! :) I love your Ariel towel, too freakin cute! Btw you picked up my favorite PINK scent, it smells like summer! :) Enjoy your new goodies!

Ony Brilliant said...

Great Deal!

tiffyama said...

Awesome haul! Dang, I was just at the mall yesterday...I should've stopped by VS. Oh well.

Ah~ that Laura Mercier set is a great deal!

CUTE TOWEL! I'm definitely ready for the beach too. (I need a tan! :3)

DonnaHsueh said...

Nice haul! I also got the VS eyeshadow quad during the sale :P Yay for great deals!

Donna ♥ Baby said...

the victoria secret palettes look soooooo gorgeous. i love the colors. i want :( i dont have victorias secret where i live cause i think its american. we have a knock off called 'la senza' hahaha.

Miki said...

WOW...I like this post..
But guess what
I have something for you...
Nah you dont want to know..
Two awards come and check them out!


Marie said...

Nice haul, Nikka!:D Amazing deals.:D I love Ariel too!:D

Have a great weekend!:D

***** Marie *****

Jennifae said...

Great haul! How do you like the Studio Careblend?

Kym said...

awww i wish we had a victoria's secret here! would love to take advantage of all their sales!!! =/

Dana Yoshimizu said...

how nice to be able to go shopping with your girlfriends! I haven't been shopping in so long ! >__< I'm trying to not sped so much & trying my HARDEST to be good. Lol
But when I see people's goodies from their shopping trips... I get so tempted to go out & buy myself some stuff too!! XD haha


t said...

Sweet haul!

The Shoe Bunny said...

Nice haul! I love the VS e/s palette! I'm obsessed with hello kitty too <3
Mind following back? :D

keschen said...

I like laura mercier kit.. great buy!


Casio watch giveaway..check it out!

viviianna said...

i wish they had VS in australia